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Hooley Dooley Greeting Card

Hooley Dooley Greeting Card

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WOW! Congrats! Thanks! WTF! 🎉 The Hooley Dooley Gift Card is all about having fun and spreading joy. Carefully crafted in Melbourne and hand-printed on a traditional letterpress, this card is truly one of a kind. To top it off, the stock is made from recycled coffee cups, making it a choice that's both fun and eco-friendly.

  • Mindfully Made: Every card is thoughtfully produced in Melbourne.
  • Hand-Printed: Each one is printed by hand using a manual letterpress, adding a personal touch.
  • Eco-Friendly Stock: Made from recycled coffee cups, it's a nod to sustainability.
  • Blank Inside: There's plenty of space for your own fun and quirky message.
  • Semi-Translucent Envelope: Adds an extra element of excitement for the receiver.

Whether you're congratulating, thanking, or just sharing a laugh, the Hooley Dooley Pretty Card is your go-to for any fun occasion.

Gift Card Details

All Short Talk cards have been mindfully made and printed in Melbourne. Short Talk work with the best local artisans and suppliers to craft your gift. Each card is intentional and comes with unique textural finishes such as embossing, blind deboss, foil and letterpress. Short Talk stock are premium and weighty - there is nothing flimsy about them. They create cards made to last, cards to be kept and treasured.

Short Talk cards measure 5.5inches x 4.25inches and come with a premium paper vellum envelope meaning they are slightly sheer so you can see through to the word detailing on the front of the card.

Let's Hear About The Brand

Short Talk, based in Melbourne, is a word gifting brand crafted for moments that truly matter. Borne from a nostalgia for the written word, each card is designed as a testament to the formation of meaningful connection. Intentional, thoughtful. Cards to keep with love notes to treasure, because writing matters - their words are gifts too!

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