About Us

Hey there, thanks for stopping by 👋 Ever found yourself scrolling endlessly, looking for that perfect piece that screams quality and has a story behind it? Fancy a spot where every click supports a local Australian biz? Well, you're in luck. Meet LENNY ROW – the brainchild of our fearless leader, Row, who turned her “Where the heck do I find it?” frustrations into a one-stop online boutique brimming with local love and creative vibes.

Rowena's journey started as many do – with an idea sparked by personal need. A fashion aficionado with a knack for digital marketing, she was all too familiar with the struggling to find products from local Australian brands that she used and also wanted to gift as well. She dreamt of making supporting Aussie brands and makers as simple as snapping your fingers or, better yet, a click of a button.

Not Your Average Shop

LENNY ROW isn't just a store; it's a space to indulge in yourself and bring a sense of joy into your life.

Think of us as a really good friend... but way less judgy.

You'll also uncover gems crafted with passion and designed to tell their own unique stories. It's a cozy corner where the magic of finding "the one" happens daily – and by "the one," we mean anything from a stunning piece of jewelry to a home décor item that makes your space a total vibe.

We celebrate the creators, the dreamers, and the doers behind every product. Because when you shop at LENNY ROW, you're not just buying a thingamajig; you're sharing in the tale of someone's labor of love.

Our Heartbeat: Quality, Design and a Vibe!

Our mission? To deck your life out in quality pieces that have been dreamt up, designed, and delivered by our most talented. Our core values are simple but mighty:

  • Quality Products: No flimsy, fall-apart-in-a-week kind of deals here. We're all about the good stuff – items that last longer than your leftovers (and look a bit prettier, too).

  • Designed Down Under: We champion products with that Aussie edge – conceived by homegrown design mavens who know their stuff.

  • Local Lovin’: Every purchase is a high-five to an Australian brand, creator, or maker. Why look across oceans when there’s plenty of awesomeness here?

Let's make it official - Join LENNY ROW

So, whether you're on the hunt for the perfect gift, treating yourself (you deserve it!), or just browsing with a G&T in hand, we're here to give you that “Ah-ha!” moment again and again.

Thanks for stopping by and becoming part of our story – which, in turn, is made up of so many incredible Aussie narratives. Let’s make those connections, share the buzz.

Ready to discover your next "where'd you get that?" piece?

Start your journey here – and let’s make everyday shopping nothing short of extraordinary!